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Bleed From Within - Drag You To The Ground [guitar cover]

I had the privilege to work as an assistant engineer for Adam Getgood aka "Nolly" for the recording of ERA, the last album from the awesome band Bleed From Within recorded at Middle Farm Studios and I couldn't wait more to start playing those amazing riffs that these guys have created.

Having all the tracks from the sessions it was easy for me to learn by ear some of the songs and I thought it would be a great idea to make a video playing one of them, and why not, demoing some amp sims I have.

In this video I've demoed this sick guitar amp sim ENGL Invader made from Brainworx for Universal Audio, playing "Drag You To The Ground" from Bleed From Within.

I really like this amp, it has a nice percussive character that is great for this style of music where pick attack is really needed because these fast riffs, you can crank the gain and it stills sound defined.

The contour mode gives you the option to make the tone a bit more scooped if you need to, and I'm in love with the low cut included, giving you the option to cut some of the low content before hitting the amp to make the tone even tighter..

Highly recommend this amp, and I hope you like the video!

Thanks for watching!

Gear used: - Ibanez RG470 - Bare Knuckle Pickup Juggernaut - Apollo Twin - ENGL Invader amp sim in unison pre amp.

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