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MP Snare Samples

Tama M.P Snare Drum already processed, great for rock and metal music.

Velocities includes soft, medium and hard hits.

Mic top & bottom blended. 

Snare tuned in F



  • WAV files
  • Trigger 2 file
  • Drumagog file


Recording info:

  • Recorded at 44.1kHz 24 bit in .wav format
  • Mic pres used: Neve 1073 DPA


Mic's used:

  • SD Top - Beyerdynamic M201TG
  • SD Bot - AKG 414


Recorded, Edited & Mixed by Sebastian Sendon at Sureau Studio.

Played by Abel Sequera.


All samples are a work of art created by Sebastian Sendon.

You may not sell these samples as a work of your own.

You can use these samples in your music, video, or film production.

You may not sell these samples within other libraries, or products of any kind.

MP Snare Samples

€7.00 Regular Price
€5.00Sale Price
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