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SD2 Rock/Metal Preset

Superior Drummer 2 Rock/Metal Preset


This is a mix-ready drum preset exclusively mixed with Toontrack´s plugins included in the Superior Drummer´s mixer, no need extra plugins to make it sound like its demoed on the video.

Great for rock, metal or any other modern music genre that needs powerful drums.

*Click here to download high quality uncompressed audio demo.



  • 1 mix ready preset



  • Superior Drummer 2.0
  • Metal Foundry Library 
  • New York Hit Factory (Included in New York Studios Vol.2 SDX  Library)

* Note that N.Y Hit Factory It´s only used for an extra room snare sound, if you only have Metal Foundry the preset will work the same but with less reverb on the snare.


Bellow are links to the official site in case you want to know more about these libraries.



Mixed by Sebastian Sendon.

You may not sell this preset as a work of your own.

You can use this presert in your music, video, or film production.

You may not sell this preset within other packs, or products of any kind.


SD2 Rock/Metal Preset

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