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"Rock Bass" Preset for Logic X

"Rock Bass" preset for Logic X


“Rock Bass” it’s a Logic’s X Channel Strip Setting made for Bass D.I signal processing.

The main idea with this preset is re create a solid and gnarly bass amp tone but maintaining a clean and tight low end, this tone works great on rock or metal mixes.

I’ve made a custom bass cabinet Impulse Response based on my favourite bass cab out there and now you can load this IR in Space Designer with the .SDIR file included with the product, so you won’t need any external plugins to make it work, this preset is entirely made with Logic’s stock Plugins and sounds amazing!


Click here to watch high quality demo video



  • One Logic’s X Channel Strip Setting.
  • “Monster Bass Cab” Custom IR in .wav format (for loading the IR in other platforms).
  • Custom IR in .SDIR format (Space Designer file for the bass cabinet simulation).


Mixed by Sebastian Sendon.

You may not sell this preset as a work of your own.

You can use this presert in your music, video, or film production.

You may not sell this preset within other packs, or products of any kind.

"Rock Bass" Preset for Logic X

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