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  • Send me all the files with the same starting point. Bounce the files so every track starts at zero.​

  • Use preferably 24 bits and whatever sample-rate you have used for the recording.​

  • If there's any special fx added that you like e.g. on a vocal track, please send that with the fx printed on a new audio file called "Fx Print 1" and so on.. But in general tracks should be dry with no reverbs, delays or compression added.

  • Name the tracks as shortly as you can and make sure they're called the same between different songs. Example:  KICK, SD TOP, SD BTM, TOM 1, GTR RHY 1 L, GTR RHY 1 R, LEAD GTR 1, VOX CLEAN 1, VOX SC 1, BASS DI etc.

  • Please provide a good clean & unprocessed line signal for re-amping guitars, and make sure you name it so it's clear wether it's left or right.

  • Don't send lots of tracks for one guitar-take. Select the best take and just send the ones you want on the record.

  • Send all the files for each song in a folder with the name and the bpm in the title. Please use subfolders for guitars, drums, Vocals, etc.

  • Please provide the tempo map of the song as a midi-file in case the song has tempo changes.

  • Make sure all your files line up before sending them to me.


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